How to start a profitable blog


Do you love writing?

Do you want to share some great ideas and life experience to the world?

Turn your passion into a profitable blog now!


Then, it’s time to make money while you are doing what you love!

  1. Choose your category and get a catchy name for your blog
  2. Choose a premium website design such as WordPress and don’t be afraid of spending some money on it at the beginning because it’s exactly like a business – with no initial capital you can’t open a business, can you?-. It’s better to get the business version from the beginning if you want to be serious about your blog.
  3. Choose a  website template and themes. There are many providers on the Net but from my own experience the one really worth it, is the themeforest on envato market. They have a huge selection on themes and on very low prices. If you like a modern and minimal theme with attention to detail, just take a look at evolle.
  4. Then sign up to google analytics and google Adsense in order to know everything about your readers and visitors and make some money by choosing the right niche.
  5. Search and join affiliates programs. Some of the best ones are: Rakuten, CJ affiliate, Shareasale, Linkwise, Forestview Ebay, Amazon and Ebates but first check which one suits best for your blog site.
  6. Learn about SEO content and how you can get traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines.
  7. Be present in every social media such as having a professional Facebook page for your blog, a twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest, snapchat, StumbleUpon & Bloglovin. 
  1. Write posts with your own style and publish them on the same day every week (e.g. I publish my posts every Wednesday).
  2. Publish your posts on every social media at the same time.

  3. Last but not least, have faith, be patient and don’t be disappointed.


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4 thoughts on “How to start a profitable blog

  1. Great tips, thanks so much for these! I really do need to work on being more consistent with my posts (perhaps publishing weekly like you said), and I agree that social media presence is definitely crucial! As bloggers, we should be- just- everywhere.
    I absolutely love your blog, you have wonderful posts! I’d love if we could follow each other? Do let me know! <3
    Have a good rest of the week. x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

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