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Not only you will get unique advice and travel tips to countries worldwide, but also it will guide plan your trip from finding where to stay to exciting things to do.

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6 Useful Travel Photography Tips for improving your photos

Looking for travel photography tips? There are people who collect souvenirs from their trips and there are people -like me- who collect beautiful images with their camera or their phone because every destination has its own look, culture, history, people, feelings and stories and I love to capture the moment. I never did a course …


Few words about me


a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend.

I am a partner, a student, a young girl and a grown woman.

I am confident and scared, terrified and excited.

I am loving, and caring, and , and hopeful.

I am sick and tired.

I am shy and friendly, and careful and careless.

I am broken and whole.

I am misunderstood, misguided and mislead.

I am hard working and determined, but a little scared on the inside.

I wish on stars and dream my dreams.

I pray to God and cry my tears.

I smile on the outside, while I am dying on the inside.

I listen to others who won’t listen to me.

I walk on eggshells and I walk on fire.

I believe in passion, but not true love.

I am everything and I am nothing all at once.

All I want is for you to read and follow my blog.




Travel offers


travel offers

Here you will find all travel offers and I hope you get your special travel exploration from here.

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  1. Contiki Croatia – Croatian Island Hopper North Tour – BOOK NOW!

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  2. Contiki South America – Andes & Amazon Highlights Trip – BOOK NOW!

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  3. Contiki USA – Wild Western Including the Grand Canyon Trip – BOOK NOW!

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  4. Contiki Europe – New Year In Paris Trip – BOOK NOW!

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  5. Contiki Canada – Canada & The Rockies Trip – BOOK NOW!

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  6. Contiki Australia – Outback Adventure Trip -BOOK NOW! End: November 30, 2017

  7. Contiki Asia – Japan Unrivaled Trip – BOOK NOW! End: November 30,2017

  8. Contiki Europe – Mediterranean Escape – BOOK NOW! End: November 30,2017

  9. Contiki Asia – Vietnam Highlights – BOOK NOW! End: November 30, 2017

  10. Contiki USA – Waikiki Explore In Hawaii – BOOK NOW! End: November 30, 2017

  11. Contiki Canada – Canadian Encounter – BOOK NOW! End: November 30, 2017

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