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Top 4 Weekend Τrips & Excursions close to London

Best Weekend Getaways in Great Britain
Top 4  Weekend Τrips & Excursions close to London


1. Bath

Bath has been declared  global heritage of humanity by UNESCO.  It is a famous spa town of the 18th century and today’s perfect example of Georgian town. It was initially developed around the Roman Baths and consists of  the most important archaeological monument of the country. Worth a visit is the Bath Abbey.

Next on this list is the Royal Crescent, an imposing plateau with 30 three-storey houses in classic style. It is an alive part of the golden age of Bath and many consider to be the most magnificent road in Britain.


Cambridge is most famous for the universities and colleges alongside with Oxford. The oldest college is Peterhouse (1284) and the most famous is the King (1441).

Other impressive colleges from the 31 that resided in the city is the Queen, the Trinity, the Magdalena, St John’s, the Clare and many others.

Good to know at this point that the first college to open its doors to women was the Magdalena in 1988.

Tip: Between the rear of colleges and River Cam is located in Bucks, an oblong meadow which is perfect for picnics.


Oxford is synonymous with its university, the oldest in Britain. However, Oxford is full of attractions that are not associated with the university, such as  the Ashmolean museum, which houses one of the finest collections of the British province and Pitt – Rivers museum with rare unimaginable value treasure Victorian.

Tip: Do not forget to visit the Stonehenge, the famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England. It is almost 3 hours by train from Oxford and 1 1/2 hours by car but it is a must see monument.


Windsor is mainly famous  for its grand imposing castle, which like  the Tower of London dates back to the reign of William the Conqueror. Continuously inhabited until the 11th century, while redesigned and extended several times. The current form due to interventions of the 12th and 14th century and is one of the official royal residence even today (the other  two are the Buckingham and  the Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh).

The most impressive building of the castle is  Saint George chapel, a masterpiece of English Gothic architecture, which was completed in 1511. The room houses works of the Royal College but the most impressive exhibit is the dollhouse of Mary Queen. The dollhouse was constructed in 1921 for the spouse of George E’ and it was designed in the smallest detail to 1/12 of the natural size with pipes and elevator, tiny tables paintings and books (most gifts of leading authors and artists of the time)

Tip: Very close to Windsor is the Legoland where will overwhelm you and your children.

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