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My 16 favourite items in 2016

My 16 favourite items in 2016


This is the list of my 16 favourite items in 2016 that I used under 50€ as a travel blogger.

1.Women 4 pcs 89ml Silicone Makeup Lotion Bottle Set 

These  silicone  make up lotion bottle are perfect for putting small amounts of shampoo, face and body lotion, skin cream and shower gel  and most suitable for outdoor travel, business trip, vacation and everyday carry as it is easy to put into your makeup bag or even your bag. They are very easy to clean and refill.

2. Universal International Travel Adapter Power Plug Converter 

You can use it in most countries and it comes with 2 push switches at the flank for releasing different types of plugs. A LED light indicates charging status and it is compact,  and easy to carry, that makes it ideal for charging your laptop, your camera or phone and other electronic devices

3.Outdoor Travel Camera Backpack 

This  camera backpack is the best choice for travellers who love shooting photos just like me that we are seeking superior weather protection in a comfortable and functional shoulder bag.  It is very practical and attractive and  it is a great option to protect your equipment from moisture and dust as well as rain. The dividers are adjustable, it has pockets on each side for an umbrella, bottle or sunglasses and there is of  a soft protective material. You can adjust its shoulder straps so as to fit your body size for easy and comfortable transport

4. Outdoor Travel Storage Bag 

As I am an organised freak, I am in love  with this carry on travel bag; it is a must if you like to organise and store your necessities, such as cosmetics, toiletries, mobile phone, keys, notebooks etc. It is designed with multiple compartments to classify and store your personal stuff and it folds up for easy storage and travel. You can hang it inside a garment bag, a bathroom door or towel hook as it is waterproof. Its capacity is huge as it has 4 sections and 6 pockets. For me, the only negative thing about it is that it is made of nylon and I don’t really like nylon but it is washable.

5. Draw-bar 360 Degree Spinner Wheel Luggage Travel Suitcase  24 INCH 

Luggages are one of my favourite things in this world and definitely love this specific one because of its large  carrying capacity. You can load it at about 30kg and it is still very flexible to move as it has 4 wheels and it is very lightweight even with heavy loads. It has an ergonomic soft handle and it comes with code lock so your valuables will be protecting.

6. Digital Accessories Storage Pouch Case Travel Organizer Bag 

I am so in love with this pouch case as I keep all my cables, usb flash drive, memory cards, disk, power bank and power adapters inside my bag without being a mess in the bag and avoiding any damages or scratches. It is also made of waterproof material so I am not afraid to put a bottle of water in my bag next to this pouch case.

7. CONQUEST Travel Swimming Waterproof Bag Case Cover 

I used  this case cover a lot during sailing on my summer holidays because of its high-security performance waterproofing system. Besides waterproof, this case can also help to protect camera from snow, sand and dust. Moreover, it is very easy to carry as it is equipped with a string and it can float, so you do not have to worry about it falling into the water. Lastly, it is made of PVC.

8. CAMEL MOUNTAIN 45L Backpack

This backpack  is waterproof, wearable and portable with chest belt and waist belt, easy to fix the backpack on your body and reduce the pressure on your back; it is specially designed with mesh and sponge in the back.

Plus, it has a lot of space and makes it easy to organise your items with network pockets on both sides, convenient to put into bottle, umbrella or other items

9. Female Portable Outdoor Travel Silicone Urination Funnel

A great and very useful thing when you do not want to sit on an unsanitary public toilet. It allows women of all ages to urinate in a standing up or sitting down position. It is very convenient, easy to use as it is portable and reusable (re-washable) and it is an ideal accessory for travel, driving, backpacking, camping, hiking, walking, mountaineering, etc.

10. Practical Emergency First Aid Kit Travel Sport Survival Rescue Treatment Kit with Bag 
A First Aid Kit is always needed for any unexpected emergencies. This one comes with a carrying bag which makes it convenient to carry on your bag.

11. 300Mbps Wireless Travel Router Intelligent WiFi Repeater Bridge USB Network Adapter This mini and portable item is a professional 300Mbps mini WiFi repeater. It solved the common failing of the traditional WiFi router or WiFi products that easily drop the network and  make sure the lasting stability to ensure that the WiFi signal is not dropped.

MINI300 is an environmental safe WiFi signal repeater. Its working principle is that at the edges of the original WiFi hot spot signal coverage, the MINI300 that in repeater mode is able to receive weak WiFi signal, and zoom it to be normal and safe strength signal, and after optimisation and error correction processing, to finally achieve the safe signal coverage of doubled extension. This differs from traditional wireless signal amplifier; only amplifies the signal and ignore the wireless security.

12. 12 USB Outputs Fast Charger Travel Adapter with 1.15M Cable

Not much too say here. Anyone who is travelling need more than one travel adapter so this one is a great option so you only need one travel adapter (this one!) and you can charge all your electric appliances!!

13. 8800mAh Dual USB Power Bank LED Torch 

Power banks are the best thing ever! You can be a whole day outside and there is no need to worry about your phone/camera/tablet battery as this one can charge your phone at least 2 times.It also has dual USB ports so you can charge 2 phones at the same time or 1 phone and 1 tablet or other small electronic devices simultaneously. It has a LED light to know how much power you have. It is also a stylish, portable and practical device that everyone needs today.

14. PANDA Roof BAK – 4 Prism 35 x 50 Monocular & iPhone Clip 

PANDA 35 x 50 HD monocular is equipped with Roof system BAK – 4 prism for a great experience.
Large 50mm objective lens diameter provides you with wide angle. It comes with mobile phone clip and it is convenient to install your mobile phone on, so that you can take awesome photos any time anywhere.

Moreover, the night vision function makes you can watch target clearly even there is little brightness around it! It also comes with extra storage bag, very easy to carry and well protect it from dust when not use while hand rope will protect the monocular from falling down
Most important  is that it is suitable for any smartphone!!!

15.Stylish 3 Pcs Aluminum Tube Fiber Facial Makeup Brushes Set

Great make-up brushes package for travel. The package contains:
1 x Sculpting Brush; 1 x Fan Brush; 1 x Setting Brush

Last item is not a useful thing but it is my most favourite one for the year to end.

16. Large Size Personalized Scratch-off World Map Poster Travel Toy 
The scratch-off wall map lets the fun of travel continue even after you’ve returned home. This map is a modern way to show everyone who visits you exactly where you’ve been.
Just use a coin to scratch off countries you’ve been to and fill your map with colour!


How to pack like a pro

How to pack like a pro

Travel has become more complicated today. Numerous airlines have placed restrictions on the number of luggage pieces a single traveler can check and take onboard, as well as size and weight limitations for each piece of luggage.

This has put a lot of pressure on travellers to pack lighter and simpler, often making difficult and wrong choices to pack what is wanted versus what is needed.

Today, you can no longer borrow your father’s suitcase he brought with him on his honeymoon 30 years ago. Excessive fees and limitations placed on luggage will deter travellers from bringing that heavy, bulky suitcase.

Travellers are forced to be more conservative with space as well as how much luggage they can take with them on their trips, travellers must now get a little creative and crafty in how they pack.

My advice on how to pack like a pro is that you should always make a packing list of what items you need for your trip considering the destination, weather conditions, duration of the trip and purpose of the trip. To help you more with your list, here is my own packing list for a short business trip last month.


  • Underwear and socks
  • Light jacket or a hoodie 
  • Heavier jacket
  • 3 casual shirts
  • 3 pairs of pants
  • Formal outfit
  • Comfortable shoes


  • Allergy medicine
  • Eye drops
  • Aspirin
  • Band-Aids
  • Motion sickness medicine
  • Sleep medication


  • Snack bar
  • Bottled water


  • Power converter
  • Phone charger
  • Camera charger
  • Camera
  • iPhone


  • Travel-sized lotion, shampoo, and body wash
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Make up bag


  • Umbrella
  • Passport 
  • Wallet

Tips to pack like a pro: mix & match with your clothes so that everything matches with everything else and always bring enough clean underwear (for instance, if you pack for a 4 day trip, you should pack 6 underwear). Also, you should bring the proper shoes and  in general 3 pair of shoes are more than enough – yes I am a girl & I love shoes but I know exactly what I need in every occasion and you will too if you follow my tips-. If you really want to travel light, bring 1 really good quality pair of shoes that won’t fail you, and save the space/weight of spare items. Last but not least, pack toiletries right – always have a small bag of travel size toiletries and a small make-up bag.

2. Consider to buy a  professional cabin luggage. After years of struggling to find the best luggage, I can tell that the Eastpak cabin luggage is the perfect size for either short or long trips on all airlines. It is also easy to carry on as it has 4 wheels.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3. The last innovative solution for packing is using packing cubes to help you organise your items while also conserve space. Packing cubes are small, ultra lightweight bags of various shapes and sizes that are the perfect selection for your traveling and packing needs and they are made with durable Rip-Stop Nylon as well as pull zippers and reinforced seams..

Packing cubes allow travellers to pack more while also taking up less space in your luggage without sacrificing organisation or damaging any items.

Is there anything worse than that bottle of lotion bursting and getting all over your other items – even your clothes? By using one small packing cube for all of your toiletries, medications, and toothbrush, and a larger, separate packing cube for all of your clothing, you can avoid this small disaster from happening.

Many travellers have used plastic Zip-lock bags to separate their items, such as toiletries and medications. However, packing cubes were born based on this idea, but they are more durable, practical, and even come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours for travel needs.

Packing cubes also have mesh windows in order to help you see the items that are packed inside and are designed to compress, organise, and pack clothing as well as other items. They fit perfectly into most carry-on suitcases, tote bags, backpacks and even duffel bags. Packing cubes are also machine washable.

Packing cubes will change the way you travel. In fact, many travellers who have used packing cubes have claimed they will never go anywhere without packing cubes again.

One great tip on how to creatively use packing cubes to maximise space and organisation is to plan on what goes in each cube and how each cube fits in your luggage.

For example, for someone who is traveling to unknown climates or areas with inconsistent or spontaneous changes in weather conditions, packing cubes can come in handy. Smaller packing cubes can be used for lighter clothing, such as shorts, tank tops, and so on, and the larger packing cubes can be reserved for sweaters, jackets, sweatpants, and so on.

This approach alone will likely surprise you as to how much space you can save in your luggage. In fact, when used creatively, packing cubes can allow travellers to travel carry-on only!!!




 !Happy packing & happy travelling! 


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