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Guest BlogPost –  7 Pro Tips for A Budgeted Tour of India

Guest BlogPost – 7 Pro Tips for A Budgeted Tour of India

India is visited by many foreign tourists, as well locals wishing to explore this precious land. Everyone wants to get the best out of a holiday, and make it easy on their pocket, and why not, it is after all a sensible thing to do. Air fares, decent railway tickets can be quite pricey, and so are the hotel reservations. And to add to it all, the food in most places is priced quite heftily, and the taxes make it worse! Nevertheless, there is always a frugal way to travel through which you can save quite a sum of money, if not a fortune. Therefore, do not hesitate to take a budget your next trip to India and the tips bellow will ensure that you spend within it!

1. Scourge for Coupons

A lot of sites offer coupons and promising discounts on air prices, hotel bookings and eateries/restaurants. These coupons are free, but do require a bit of hunting! Most of them are legitimate, and offer tickets at astonishingly slashed prices! Although there are a few terms and conditions, if they can be met, most of the work is done for you, and is oh so light on your wallet!

2. Opt for An Airbnb, Or A Guest House Instead!

If you are travelling with a large group of people, look for a home stay guest house instead! Airbnb is becoming quite popular these days, and are extremely cheap to stay in! You do not have to pay extra for room services and maintenance charges, unlike hotels. You get to stay in a place which feels like home, interact with the locals, live their lives and become a part of it. What better an experience could you get?

3. Decide on A Hotel Based on Its Location

If you do not wish to opt for a guest house, you can still get a hotel, but do make sure that it is well placed and easy for you to reach. Also make sure that it is close to the places you want to visit, thus reducing your travel expenditure and travel time! You could also opt for one which is away from the main roads, where all the traffic is, so that your stay is as peaceful as you want it to be!

4. Travel at Night

Choose to travel at night, and save a whole day’s expense on hotel bookings. Check in times are in the morning, so if you travel during the day and reach the hotel in the evening, you have lost an entire day looking and booking hotels. Also, given that India is a hot country, one would find it more comfortable to travel at night! Kill two birds with one stone, as they say!

5. Prefer Eating at Restaurants Outside the Hotel

Hotels have their own bars and restaurants, but these are heavily taxed and too expensive. Even aerated drinks are priced more than maximum retail price! Do not make such a mistake, do go outside to famous eateries and have a bite of the local lip-smacking foods- these popular places tend to be cheap! Again, the important thing to do is choose a hotel where these eateries are in the vicinity and easily accessible!

6. Carry You Own Food for The Journey

One must always make it a point to carry eatables while on the journey. Food served on air is extremely expensive, and although railways isn’t so, one may be paranoid of how hygienic the food offered may be- you certainly do not want to be sick at the entirety of the trip! Also make sure to carry as many bottles of water that you can, not only for the journey, but to every place you visit! You will certainly need it in this tropical country! Also carry hats and caps, while you’re at it!

7. Shop at The Street Markets

Instead of opting for boring malls where all the clothes are pricey and the same as at the malls back home, visit the roadside markets for exciting trinkets and local material, fashion, shoes and souvenirs! It is one experience you must not miss out on!


Author’s Bio:

A travel guru and wanderlust, Himanshu has a knack for finding beauty in every little bit of nature, travelling to make memories, and leaving footprints. Tales of his travel adventures are available at pearlsindiatour.com where he shares about his passion to all!

Guest BlogPost – 5 Places in India You Can Visit During Off-Season Without Worries

Guest BlogPost – 5 Places in India You Can Visit During Off-Season Without Worries


Travelling during off-season can turn out to be a whole new and pleasing experience. While planning an off-season trip, you can save on a lot of things from tickets to your stay in hotel. Moreover, travelling at this point, with scarce number of tourist, provide you with an in-depth experience as you can easily communicate with the locals, get personalised attention from hotel staff and get hold of the culture and traditions which lie in the hearts of these destinations. Here are some astounding destinations that are cheap and can prove to be a way better visit during off-seasons.

1. Kerala

God’s own country, Kerala tops the list of the travel destinations in India and will turn out to be the most welcoming state during off-seasons. The hills of Munnar covered with tea plantations, beaches, magical jungles of Periyar and Eravikulum will give you a lifetime memory of an adventure away from the hustle of urban life. Kerala offers their tourists the leisure time they need with the ayurvedic massages, Carnatic music, Kathakali performances and exclusive houseboat experiences. The best time to pay Kerala a visit is during monsoon, that is June-September. Because of fewer tourists and Onam festival, you will be able to witness the culture and the beauty of the state to the fullest.

2. Goa

The party destination of India, Goa will never provide you with any dull moments. Goa welcomes you with its brooding view of beaches, perfect scenery and sunny atmosphere. The perfect time for you to pay a visit to Goa will be around the monsoon period with fewer tourists and several music festivals lined up for you. Its wildlife makes it a perfect destination for a nature lovers, the white sand and the clear blue water will definitely leave you enthralled. If you want to relax during your break then Goa is the place for you as it greets all types of travelers with open arms.

3. Coorg, Karnataka

Referred to as the Scotland of India, Coorg must be visited by a nature lover at least once in his lifetime. The serpentine hills of this city attract a lot of tourists in the month of December. But, if you are a monsoon lover and planning a getaway from your busy life on a weekend then Coorg is the place for you. Covered with exotic greenery of coffee and tea plantations, Coorg also offers the authentic Kodava cuisine. After visiting Abbey falls, Nagarghole National Park and Namdroling Monastery, you would never want to come back from Coorg. The best off-season months to pay a visit to Coorg are from July-September.

4.Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The sparkly beaches of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have always make it to the bucket-list of almost all the travelers who love to spend some peaceful time on the islands. The best off-season time to visit the islands is, during monsoons. Many tourists don’t usually visit it during the monsoon due to heavy rains but if rain is not a big issue for you, then you should surely visit the islands during rainy season. The beautifully carved Limestone caves, the speedboat ride, the Marina Park and Aquarium situated at the Port Blair, even the cellular jail will turn out to be the best retreats in your vacations. The beautiful beache, islands, the rich reserve of flora and fauna and the cheap hotel charges are the reason you should never miss visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands during an off-season.

5. Leh

Thinking to start your year with a perfect vacation? Then Leh is the answer to all the questions coming to your mind. The monasteries in Leh are usually empty during the winters, which makes your stay serene, yet cheaper and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature in a peaceful way. Winters are the best time to connect with the still beauty of the ‘Roof of the World’. The sights and the views will last in your eyes forever but apart from that, Leh is the place for perfect and cheap treks. Leh adapts the culture of the northern India from the localities and will provide you a thorough experience. Also, one of the biggest perks of visiting Leh in winters is that you will find the Pangong Lake frozen, which is indeed a sight to behold. Plus, who wouldn’t want to walk on water!

Fewer tourists, peaceful surroundings, mesmerizing views and discounted rates, travelling in off season to these favorite tourist destinations during the off season will offer you all this and more. Once you visit any of the places listed above, you will yearn for more. So, hurry up, book your tickets now!


Author’s Bio:

Himanshu loves trotting around India and has passion for three things: People, Travel and Social media. He shares his incredible stories of adventure on Pearls India Tour, to show his everlasting love for India.

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