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How to: holidays on a sailing boat

How - to: Holidays on a Sailing Boat
How to: holidays on a sailing boat


Are you interested in what’s like inside of a sailing boat?

The Greek Islands have long been an alluring destination and ticketseller.gr offers the perfect way to appreciate their natural charm and beauty. Drop anchor by a deserted beach in the Dodecanese; wander through the Cyclades’ whitewashed villages; immerse yourself in Ionian culture, dive over shipwrecks in the Sporades; climb Mount Olympus in the Aegean and marvel at magical Crete because the holidays on a sailing boat are freedom and help you fully re-charge your batteries even if it is just for few days.

A sailing boat is perfect holiday for those who want to visit more than one places and don’t want to spend a fortune and ticketseller.gr include everything at the final price, from the cost of 1 or 2 skipper to the cost of gas and water for all the days that you will rent the sailing boat and, if you cook on the boat instead of eating out in a marine, it would save you more money.

Ticketseller.gr has currently two service providers on sailing boats and if you choose incrediblue.com you can search for a boat according to which islands you want to explore. However, if you choose the second provider, vyra.com, you can find more boats across the whole Mediterranean sea!

It is a life experience to sleep in a sailing boat in a bay than in a hotel.

In a bay, you can stay up as late as you want and have fun without disturbing other people next to your boat and no one will disturb your sleep with their voices and their music. You can wake up and immediately dive in the sea and spent the whole day by diving in more than one beaches or caves, most of them isolated.


Let’s see now what stuff you need to have with you on a sailing boat. To start with, make-up, hair dryers, hair strengtheners, and high heels are not acceptable in a sailing boat (the last because most of the time there you will be barefoot). So, you only need 1 pair of shoes (preferably sneakers or flat espadrilles) and flip-flops  – I personally could live on flip-flops only –

Moving on to clothes, you only need as many bikinis and swimsuits as you want ; they don’t take up space  and you are going to need them all. In addition, you will need shorts, tops, dresses and a wind cheater or denim jacket and that’s all (most of the day you are going to be with your bikini).

The only thing you need in excess is towels. You will need one beach towel per day and 1 bath towel.

As for cosmetics and make-up, you will only need your suncream lotion for face and body (do not pack a suntanning oil for holidays on a sailing boat; they are useless because you only need protection and suntanning oils can be very dangerous in a sailing boat as they are quite slippery), a shampoo and a shower gel – I prefer the Johnson’s baby head to toe wash because it is the best 2 in1 shampoo in the market, smells incredible and it doesn’t take up space in your cosmetic bags if you get the travel size – However, if you can’t live without make-up, you can take bronzer, mascara, blush and lipstick with you.

You will also need razors but you don’t need shaving cream for legs, just shave your legs with sea salt water and you will be amazed how soft they are, and of course travel size toothbrush, toothpaste, a face wash gel and a hydrating face cream.

Last but not least, you will need hat and sunglasses, phone and power bank, camera or even better an action camera that can shoot underwater and anything that will keep you entertained e.g books and crosswords or even a table game such as monopoly.

My last tip for staying safe on the boat:

Be aware of all time and respect the boom (some of the most common sailing injuries are a result of not being aware when the boom is about to swing) and of course always listen to your skipper (he/she is there to give you a safe lifetime experience).

Sail away my friends, have fun and let me know on the comments  where will you choose to spend your holidays this summer.

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