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Life & Blog Update

Life & Blog update

Hey everyone! I know I have not blogged in forever! I have been so busy with traveling and learning new skills, but I am really wanting to get more into blogging! I was actually thinking about making a post or a video about becoming a UX designer in the near future, comment below or tweet me (@Elenag7200) if you would like to see that!

So many exciting things¬† happened in the past couple of months. Lots of life changes and it has been a hectic months with doing a UX design program in London, packing and moving back to Athens, where –fingers crossed– I will soon be able to utilize my digital skills in a company there. I really can’t say more at this moment but I promise I’ll tell you everything in less than a month.

There are several other projects and partnerships blog concerning going on as well but I will of course inform you when it is the right time…

At this moment I write this post I am neither in Athens nor in London but I am in Arta -my hometown-¬† and I am here because it’s Christmas and I visit my family for the holidays.

However, from now on I will definitely try to post one to two blog posts every week. I have many new ideas but I always wants to hear your ideas so please don’t be shy and share your thoughts with me here below or on my Facebook page @elenastravelsblog

What have you been up to lately?

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