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10 Best Hotels In The Mountains worldwide & Trekking Tips (Part B)

10 Best Hotels In The Mountains worldwide & Trekking Tips (Part B)

6. Berggasthaus Aescher, Wildkirchli Switzerland

It is a rustic, mountaineering retreat, built in a gorge in Appenzell and it is only reached by a path through caves where 500 years ago lived bears and hermits.

Shared spaces are perhaps a little awkward, but the view, bathed in the golden morning light, is unmistakable!

7. Gstaad Palace, Switzerland

A seasonal golden hotel that overlooks the small alpine village of Gstaad as a giant black-chest tower, is the absolute center of entertainment in Switzerland, as it hosts the famous GreengGo Club, an exceptionally sleek disco with its own indoor pool.

8. Hacienda San Antonio, Mexico

Deep in the hills of the heart of Mexico, this remote 19th-century coffee plantation, transformed into a hotel, is waiting to welcome visitors.

The pink  casa grande is made of volcanic stone from the nearby and active (!) Mount Kolima.

9.Inkaterra Hotel, Machu Picchu Pueblo, Peru

Enjoy a glass of Pisco Sour, while you look forward to the delightful spectacle offered by the dense clouds in one of the 85 private casitas in this luxurious ecological resort, which it features music shows during the night in the nature.

10.Hotel Salto Chico, Chile

A contemporary hotel within breathing distance from the Salto Chico in Patagonia in South Chile, while the peaks of the Mount Paine Mountain range lie behind you like a giant ghost. But the real stars of the area are Lake Lagos Pehoes and the Torres del Paine National Park.

Top  Trekking tips

My 10 trekking training tips will help you prepare correctly for your trek so that you’re not left nursing blisters and sore legs after the first day.

  • Start your trekking early (even if your planned trekking trip is 12 months away, it’s never too early to get started on your trek conditioning program)
  • Choose the correct footwear for your trek and don’t forget your walking socks!
  • When purchasing your boots, try to shop in the afternoon when your feet have expanded slightly so that you get the correct size.
  • Build leg strength with gym work
  • Build your walking training and train on similar walking conditions

For example, for a trek that includes mountain climbing, try some weekend scrambling as part of your training. Also, practice in the same footwear and clothes and experiment with a loaded backpack — it makes a big difference to your speed over the ground.

  • Practice using your backpack

Look for backpacks with adjustable chest and waist straps so that you can position it correctly on your back and also with external compression straps so that the load doesn’t shift.

  • Use walking poles
  • Hydrate yourself frequently when walking
  • Fuel your trekking

Aim to eat small, frequent meals and snacks on the go to maintain energy levels


Have you been to any of these hotels? Have you been to any other hotel that you think it should be included in this list?

Do you have any trekking tips you want to share with everyone?

Let us know in the comments below and if you like my post, do not forget to follow me on all my social media and subscribe to this blog!

Happy travels my friends

Lots of love,


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